Embed GoatCounter in a frame

Sometimes it may be useful to embed GoatCounter in a frame; by default ebedding GoatCounter in a frame is disallowed, but in Settings → Sites that can embed GoatCounter you can add a list of domains or URLs that are allowed to embed GoatCounter.

You can add:

  • A domain such as example.com, which will enable embedding on that entire domain for http and https on the standard ports (80 and 443).
  • An URL such as https://example.com:8000 will allow embedding only over https and on port 8000.
  • An URL such as example.com/path will allow embedding on that URL.

You will still need to login, which will work inside a frame. If you have “Dashboard viewable by” set to “logged in users or with secret token” then you will need to add the token to the frame’s src; for example:

<iframe src="https://s.cmdchallenge.com?access-token=TOKEN"></iframe>

Hiding the user interface

You can hide the UI chrome (“sign in” button, footer, date selector) by adding hideui=1 in the URL:

For public view:

<iframe src="https://s.cmdchallenge.com?hideui=1"></iframe>

Or with an access token:

<iframe src="https://s.cmdchallenge.com?access-token=TOKEN&hideui=1"></iframe>

This also removes some of the padding, max-width, and background colour, making it easier to embed things in an iframe. If you’re logged in no UI is removed.

This is not a security feature and people will still be able to get a different view by hacking the URL.

Questions or problems?

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions or having any problems; a lot of times they can be resolved without too much problems.

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